TrigJig Digital Mitre Tools


Innovation Product Launch

Creators of product innovations for the home improvement and construction markets, we feel lucky to have been a part of the creation of HiCi Ltd’s flagship products, TrigJig® for Coving and Skirting, from day one. Helping them to secure £125k of investment and a deal with one of the UK’s largest hardware retailers for launch in spring 2016 through effective design and marketing.

The Business Plan

Supporting a small business from start-up and its future growth is a real privilege for us as a creative agency. Our first projects for HiCi were to design a logo and business stationary set and then to support the proof of concept for their product innovations through market research. We studied trusted market reports and statistics, conducted competitor analysis and armed with this information, helped form their business plan.

Brand Development

Now with further confidence in the tools’ potential, HiCi were putting all of their efforts into design and development and intellectual property for TrigJig®. At this point, we were asked to create the brand identity for TrigJig®. This branding project included designing a unique brand marque and colour palette that would stand out as a brand new product and align well with trusted, long-standing hardware brands; the brand vision and values; tone of voice; typography and clear brand guidelines.

Even though budgets were tight as a pre start-up business, we worked closely and efficiently with HiCi to complete the branding project and it’s testament to HiCi’s commitment to high quality that they understood the need for setting strong foundations for their product launch with a clear brand identity.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Once the branding was signed off, Thrive BDM were tasked with creating a simple website, marketing brochure, social media accounts and a short promotional video in conjunction with our friend Hey! Myshko. This gave HiCi the basic tools required to begin a direct sales campaign to potential retailers, investors and distributors to get the tools to market.

The Results So Far…

Since then, TrigJig® have secured an outstanding £125,000 of private investment via a highly successful Crowdcube campaign, agreed a launch deal with one of the UK’s biggest hardware retailers and independent hardware distributors.

With that in mind, we’ve been busy helping them get ready for the retail launch with packaging design, instruction leaflets and promotional marketing materials. Social media campaigns have raised awareness with the end user with over a million views on Facebook videos alone in around 6 weeks and web traffic increasing by tens of thousands of visitors per month. What a year for this innovative start-up and we’re truly honoured to have worked with them on each stage far! We’re excited to see what the future holds for TrigJig® and HiCi Ltd. Find out more about the tools at

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