The Penventon Park Hotel

Our work with the Penventon Park Hotel

Re-branding to Re-position

Thrive BDM first started working with the Penventon Park Hotel in September 2014. We were asked to come on board to help the hotel team and IM London complete the re-branding of this renowned hotel in Cornwall, following Director Karenza’s experience managing the re-brand of The Alverton and The Greenbank hotels. It was a crucial time to join the Penventon on an exciting journey to help shape the future of an already iconic brand. Once the re-branding and re-positioning were complete, Thrive were tasked with rolling out the new identity, vision and values both internally and externally. We conducted workshops and held presentations with the hotel teams to ensure everyone understood the changes and how they could contribute. Then we overhauled all marketing collateral with brand new designs.

Marketing Management

As a long term and hands on project, Thrive have worked ‘onsite’ at the hotel fulfilling the role of a marketing/brand manager for over a year. This has enabled us to integrate with the team and get under the skin of the new brand to effectively manage the marketing strategy; communications; social media; graphic design; budgets; content creation; email marketing; loyalty schemes and much more.

During this time, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with Liminal Design to create a brand new responsive website. Streamlining user experience and creating new and engaging content.

Hotel Refurbishment

The hotel is undergoing extensive refurbishment as part of the re-positioning project. It has been a real privilege to consult on the design of new hotel interiors, providing ideas and inspiration that are in tune with the hotel’s history and heritage as well as the new vision and values. Our design concepts for refurbishing all 63 of the Penventon’s rooms and suites are now under way and we are so excited to see the finished results!

More to come…

There have been so many elements to this project, more than we can include in this post, and so we’ve given a flavour of the key milestones here. It has been an honour to work with the Penventon Park Hotel through such a crucial time of change and we will continue to update as the project progresses. To be continued…

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